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April 18, 2018, 09:39:29 PM by Mary-Jane
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FROM: Bettina Arndt 18 April 2018

Hello Everyone,

Why on earth would universities choose to get involved in the messy business of determining which story to believe in a date rape case involving two students?  UTS in Sydney now has a committee of staff and students conducting investigations and recommending punishments for accused students.

The university has caved in to demands from activists and is foolishly blundering into legal territory potentially undermining proper process in what could be serious criminal matters.

For the past eight months Iíve been supporting a PhD student at Adelaide University under investigation by a similar committee after being accused of sexual assault by another student. The committee had no idea what they were doing, failing to even provide the student with full details of the accusation. I fo...
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April 05, 2018, 01:13:18 PM by Mary-Jane
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Henning Wehn Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Henning Wehn (Germany) performing at Kaye Sera's Bizarre Fundraiser at Chapel off Chapel in Melbourne Henning was in Australia as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

This is Henning Being interviewed at this event

#HenningWehn #MelbourneInternationalComedyFestival #Comedy #Tranz4mationsAU
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November 27, 2015, 12:02:29 AM by Mary-Jane
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Perth PrideFest 2015

In case you missed Perth's PrideFest 2015 has been and gone for another year, with only Fairday in 2016 yet to wrap up the proceedings.

This year Trans4mations participated in the PrideFest with a very lovely picnic held in conjunction with the Friends of the WA AIDS Memorial. This was a very successful event and we were pleased to welcome international visitors from France and from the wider LGBTIQ Community to help celebrate Pride in WA.

The Pride Parade, what I saw of it, was a totally delightful experience. This year Tranz4mations joined with The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Official Abbey of the Black Swan Float along with our friends from Nawty Secrets and the Australian Sex Party.

I am absolutely in rapture over the fact that a majority of the Sisters from the Abbey of the...
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