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Title: Heterosexual Education Learning Program [HELP] Introduction
Post by: Mary-Jane on April 05, 2018, 01:01:32 PM
#Heterosexual Education Learning Program [HELP] Introduction

[HELP] is an Education Program aimed at Preventing All Forms of Violence. Learning through Real Facts. building bridges towards the Elimination of Family Violence with People For the Protection of the Sanctity of Marriage.

This is the First in a Series of Videos. Statistics in this Video come from Australian Bureau of Statistics, #CDC America, Institute of Criminology, Brisbane and the #QAnon Research Group.

Please Go to Our Forum of collated case studies in the Mens & Law Sections.

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You can also go and post a wedding pic labelled, on the (

The First Video is a Special Men's Development Program. We hope that you will share this out to as many Heterosexual Men. Tell them to follow The Abbey of the Black Swan's #CreativeArtMemes Education Learning 4 Men on adapting to #MGTOW #ClimateChange.

Thank You @AbbeyoftheBlackSwan on for sendin in this Information on the Heterosexual Education Learning Program [HELP].  (