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Title: HIV Decriminalisation in Australia
Post by: nicola on September 22, 2018, 09:25:56 PM
President's Paws HIV Decriminalisation in Australia

Tranz4mations AU officially endorses the HIV Institute of WA's "Discussion Paper on HIV Criminalisation in Western Australia".


See here: ( Why wasn't the New Zealander Chairperson of POWA at the HIV Medical Fees Forum at the CPSU?

We welcome the HIV Institute's Leadership in this area and note that Mother Gretta from the Abbey of the Black Swan is their Official Spokesperson on HIV. We thank Neil Buckley & our Own Sr Mary-Jane for their hard work writing the report and I see lots of references on the back page.

It may seem that this issue is centralized on a small demographic of the population but this also involves the transgender community as many are involved with sex work as this is one of the few accepted ways Trans Women and trans men can earn a decent income.

Tranz4mations Views this law reform as an important first step in stopping unnecessary discrimination that occurs in the HIV and the Trans Communities.

It's also clear that Standards and Language regarding Disability & Mental Health need to rise. Would Mary-Jane be exaggerating if she were to say "the President of NAPWA arrived at the Forum with a list of spelling mistakes and implied Mother Gretta's Report looked autistic"?

What's the right attitude to Greet the Sisters with? Why wasn't Mother Gretta's letter allowed to be on the timeline slide? All readers are requested to read slowly and carefully the quote below.

"These laws have no effect on the HIV epidemic other than to destroy the lives of people coming into contact with the criminal justice system. People are still under the assumption that HIV will kill, and that is simply inaccurate. While HIV is still a serious, chronic condition, We know it's really HIV stigma that kills — the stigma is why people don't get tested and partly why people don't stay in care."
Joshua Rich, (2017) “UCLA Law team makes successful case for decriminalizing HIV transmission”. From: (


Trans4mations Forum Research on HIV Law Reform Lit Review ( proves that Transgender people are 49 times more likely to have HIV. This can not be overlooked when researching the topic and making recommendations in a report.


Trans4mations Calls for NAPWA's Peak Body IN WA "POWA" to create a Permanent Transgender Representative on their Board. For reasons of Privacy Trans4mations recommends that the selection criteria include HIV Status "Non Disclosed" and "Passing as HIV Neg OK"


The HIV Leadership Community need to write job descriptions to Protect the Trans Community's MIPA Rights. The unwritten law among trans and gender diverse people is that HIV is not discussed in the community due to the stigma that the media has associated with it and a lot of it is hidden as trans people don't want to expose themselves to public ridicule.

There is A Crisis in WA with TransWomen being held in Male Prisons & The WA Health Consumer's Council stated that ALL Prisoners don't have access to Medicare. This is not acceptable in a Democratic Nation State.

Women in Men's Prisons is a Crisis. The trans woman are permanently segregated from the rest of the male prison population but this still is not the best as there is a ever present danger of rape or assault, Even from prison officers let alone the Psychological implications of being permanently isolated with no social interaction. End the ban on Medicare.

"Tranz4mations calls for POWA to work with the Health Consumer's Council of WA to ensure that ALL HIV+ People have access to S100 Medications - and Tranz4mations would like to see an urgent investigation into Medical & HIV care in WA Prisons" Mary-Jane Singleton, Operations Director, Tranz4mations AU.

This is an Equity Issue and should not wait to be implemented when there is an media spotlight on the activity's surrounding alleged criminal transmission of HIV by trans people with HIV.

Decriminalisation of HIV should lead to the immediate release of all Prisoners and also with [free] ongoing professional followup services to prevent/stop homelessness as lack of Support enables the "falling back into the prison system" Syndrome.

We're pledged to Publish articles to help make law reform happen. Please do our survey below. You can write a yes or no on our facebook page ( and please feel free to share this on social media.


Don't forget to follow @tranz4mations on Twitter. It is great to see so much interest in the very first Swan ball to be held on the 16th of November this year for trans and gender diverse people during WA Pride month celebrations.

But we must never forget our brothers and sisters that can not enjoy these events because of incarceration due to harsh HIV laws that discriminate due to the negative attitudes that society has demanded we provide for criminal activity associated with the stigma of HIV.

As always education is the key to understanding and statistics show that trans people can not escape from the fact that they are at the most risk of trying to navigate this law.

Signed Nicola Stevenson
President of Tranz4mations AU

Tranz4mations AU Survey
Do you Endorse The HIV Institute' Call, on behalf of Positive People in WA, for the Western Australian Government to review the current criminal codes to decriminalise the transmission of HIV?
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POWA WA Published on 3 Dec 2017