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Author Topic: Perth Pride Festival 2015 Safer Sex Message  (Read 2081 times)


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Perth Pride Festival 2015 Safer Sex Message
« on: October 19, 2015, 11:47:24 PM »
Perth Pride Festival 2015 Safer Sex Message

As the Media Annuncio of the Perth Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and on behalf of the Abbey of the Black Swan I am pleased to present the Sister's 2015 Perth Pride Festival Safer Sex Campaign.

As part of the Order's Commitment to reducing the rate of HIV in the community and supporting positive people the Sisters have for years actively worked to develop safer sex messages to stop AIDS infections and to reduce the alarming rates of stigma and discrimination faced by HIV+ people.

The Sisters understand that there are some segments of the Gender Diverse Community who prefer to adopt a head buried in the sand approach to HIV Prevention. Sadly there are also some leaders in the community, who seem to be motivated by personal political agendas, and have a demonstrable history of actively blocking the dissemination  of HIV education materials.

The TRUTH is that there is a considerable body of research that demonstrates beyond doubt that trans women are 49 times more likely to be infected by HIV. See here:;topicseen#new

As the Operations Director of Tranz4mations, my response to this epidemiological data is that I believe we have a moral obligation to ensure this website includes HIV prevention materials as part of our free community resources. fullstop!

Given the life threatening nature of HIV and it's considerable impact upon the LGBTIQ Community ALL right minded people must not put personal politics and personal agendas before the health and wellbeing of the community. Blocking HIV materials from being seen, regardless of who produces them, is a step across the line of public decency into the realm of insanity.

The simple reason why the Sisters have felt the need to divert resources to develop HIV prevention strategies during the annual Pride Festival is the epidemiological data relating to new infections published by the WA State Government.

For those new to research practice, it would appear that every year, the post Pride Festival hangover comes in the form of alarmingly substantial and statistically obvious increases in the number of HIV infections diagnosed.

This is why the Sisters and many others in the LGBTIQ Community believe that Pride has a duty of care to ensure that the safer sex message is ubiquitously presented at all events and activities.

This duty of care should be seen in much the way licensed venues selling alcohol are required by law to adhere to the responsible service of alcohol and refrain from selling drinks to intoxicated people.

The fact is Pride in WA is known as the premier party planning organisation second only to the WA AIDS Council. In scientific terms this means that Pride's Parties, where ever they are held and the combination of drugs and alcohol create the deep ecological environment of sexual activity and reduced inhibitions leading to unsafe sex, especially between strangers, in which STIs such as HIV thrive.

The Sisters also believe that the community needs to be aware that it is not chance that the WA AIDS Council has in recent years started to send volunteers to LGBTIQ events to deliver condoms. While we welcome the handing out of condoms and safe sex information, the Sisters believe there is evidence to suggest that the AIDS Council was dragged kicking and screaming via the combination of protests, community outrage and the Government finally noticing the increases in HIV infections, to undertake this activity.

As the Media Annuncio for the Sisters I have for many years felt that Pride has abdicated it's responsibilities in relation to the support of LGBTIQ HIV+ People. In spite of obviously large sums of monies channeled from the AIDS Council to Pride - I have seen very little support given to positive people.

When it comes to the dissemination of HIV education materials and reminder messages, the Sisters have for years and years, requested that in the same way that acknowledgement of traditional land ownership is done, that Pride should ensure that at the end of public speeches Board of Management Members should include a short "we know you are going to have a great time but just remember to make sure you play safe and remember Condoms, Dental Dams and Water based lube are still the best way to stay safe."

The Sisters do not think that a 10 second safer sex reminder message is too much to ask from Pride. The Sisters also think that 10 seconds is not too much effort to spend sending a message of inclusion to LGBTIQ HIV+ People. The Sisters also believe including a 10 second inclusion of LGBTIQ HIV+ People would hugely reduce the alarming rate of Stigma and Discrimination in the Community.

I have personally been offended when Pride Reps including Presidents have quite rudely refused to even discuss the Sister's reasonable request. Perhaps if Pride had been less recalcitrant on this issue then I would be more willing to sweep under the carpet scandals such as the colourful allegations of intoxicated Committee Members having punch ups at Pride Parties and the great Fairday drink ticket-gate episode, to name two of many.

In relation to HIV Education at this year's Pride Festival, I am concerned that a very socially destructive pattern of behaviour is being allowed to repeat itself. Further if Pride refuses to resolve issues which the Sisters raise via the right channels in a timely and respectful fashion then I as a Member of Pride refuse to feel guilty for using the media to raise important issues of public interest.

Is it true that Karron from Pride has censored and deleted social media posts relating to HIV and transgender issues thus preventing the Gender Diverse Community from accessing essential AIDS prevention information?

If it is true that a Pride Committee Member is being allowed to block access to HIV prevention information, then does this mean that it is now Pride's official policy to deliberately prevent the LGBTIQ community from accessing HIV infection information?

If not, then what is Pride doing to ensure that HIV+ LGBTIQ people and HIV prevention messages are included in the Pride Festival and will Pride formally direct ALL Committee Members to stop blocking the LGBTIQ Community's access to HIV prevention messages, where ever they may be?

I also stand by my statements that I believe disclosing HIV status without consent is reckless and dangerous and there are no circumstances in which this can be justified. I personally believe that Pride has a duty of care to ensure that NO Members of it's Committee of Management engage in this kind of bastardry.

"It is sad to see allegations being made that prominent trans community figures in Perth are preventing important information such as HIV prevention messages from getting to the community! If it is true that Karron from Pride is doing this then it certainly raises questions about the role of Pride in the WA Community.

This is not the first time Pride WA has been involved in a scandal relating to them refusing to pass on HIV prevention information to the community and it makes one wonder whether it is time for a boycott of the premier party planners in Perth. It is time for Pride to examine it's conscience and decide whether their aim is to put the needs of the community ahead of individual's pursuit of self interested personal agendas!"

In conclusion, on behalf of the Abbey of the Black Swan, I would like to wish everyone a very happy Pride!

If you are a Sister or a Member of the Gathered Faithful, I would also like to point out that this year, because I am sick to death of having to deal with shit stuff with "Karron from Pride"'s name attached I am not sending my usual memos telling people not to get pissed and upset Pride! If you choose to get pissed and fall over or I hear rumours of Sisters discussing "Karron from Pride" with Committee Members then just make sure you remember "if you are going to bang bang like a boomerang then put a balloon on it!"

Kind regards & kissy kissy muah muah,

Senior Sister Mary-Jane Singleton of the Divine Green Weed, Media Annuncio of the Perth Order of Perpetual Indulgence of the Abbey of the Black Swan.

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Definition of Hats aka "Conflict of Interest" Statement: Mary-Jane is Editor of Perth Gay News, The Media Annuncio of the Perth Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence of the Abbey of the Black Swan & Editor @ HIV Institute of WA.

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Perth Pride Festival 2015 Safer Sex Message
« on: October 19, 2015, 11:47:24 PM »