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Author Topic: Baked Icecream QAnon QMap Link Guide Online LARP  (Read 580 times)


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Baked Icecream QAnon QMap Link Guide Online LARP
« on: February 23, 2018, 01:12:00 PM »
This is The Baked Icecream QAnon QMap Link i.e. "Guide to the Online 8Chan LARP" 

The petition for #InternetBillOfRights did not gain enough signatures. Either it is/was throttled by /badactors or /ourguys or people just did not like the text. For now: Petition put on ICE. We will keep the #InternetBillOfRights hashtag, as this is a CONCEPT that we want/need.

>The Gospel of the perfect tweet: The Kekistani Airforce Method

>Learn it and teach it to others

What is that Kekistani Airforce Method?

1) Primary Hashtags: ALWAYS USE ALL [3]: Q told us to do this.




2) Secondary hashtags:

#Trump #HRCVideo

To Play First Read the Guide To Get the Gist of the Rules of the Game. Check back for the @AbbeyBlackSwan1 Game Solution Theory Predicting!

Get the link to the Latest version of the QMap i.e. "Game of Thrones Guide Book" here:

Anonfile Link:

Alt. Links:



Version #: 6.10.0



Twitter: https://


Hello World.

QMap PDF Anon here o7

The purpose of this thread is to help me, therefore to help everyone, to update the QMap PDF.

I wanna trigger that lovely autism power to help me out to fill in the blank part of the PDF.

''As you all know, I created the QMap PDF not only to log every Q posts, to source them and so,

but I also wrote it in a way that it would be readable by normies, so they have access to it, with news, links, comments and what so ever.''

(((YOU))) HELP (((ME)))

How to help me out

- Spread the QMap anywhere you can <3

- Share the news links relevant to the Q posts that you feel should be in the QMap PDF.

- Point out errors, faggotery, 404 links, missing links, w.e you found that seems wrong/incorrect/incomplete in the PDF.

- Share graphics that are missing and could be usefull.

- Share ideas, what's missing to the QMap PDF ?

- Spread the QMap PDF everywhere, even on normies websites, on kekbook or where ever you want, I'm not your mom.


Shills gonna shill. But past over that, please only share relevant information, not unconfirmed shit.


I'm willing to answer questions if you got any ?

Much love,

I am Because We Are

Check Out, Comments made about "Legal AID WA's Allegedly, New Client" Cardinal Pell And the Charges Laid Against Him @;topicseen#new here.


help people to resolve their legal problems as soon as possible make it easier for people to get legal help especially if they belong to a disadvantaged group help people find alternatives to going to court give a high quality legal service.

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Baked Icecream QAnon QMap Link Guide Online LARP
« on: February 23, 2018, 01:12:00 PM »