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Author Topic: Bettina Arndt Update March 2018  (Read 185 times)


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Bettina Arndt Update March 2018
« on: April 05, 2018, 11:42:51 AM »
Bettina Arndt Update March 2018

Click Here to Read Bettina's Article in the Australian Newspaper:

Hi Everyone,
I have an amazing story for you. I have a good friend in Perth, a young relationship counsellor who I have worked with for many years, both by sending him referrals and working together in various media appearances. Hes extremely skilled but even more importantly when I send couples to him I know he will give both sides a proper hearing and that is rare. I hear from so many men complaining that female counsellors blatantly support the female client and refuse to acknowledge the male perspective.
After almost a decade working for one of our leading counselling organisations my friend has just been fired for posting my article about domestic violence on his Facebook page. For those of you who dont know the article, here it is: I simply present the true facts about domestic violence, challenging the current orthodoxy that all perpetrators are male. According to the managers who fired my friend, my views contravened the domestic violence policy promoted by this government-funded organisation.
We now have lawyers helping him mount a discrimination and unlawful dismissal case. Depending on how that turns out I may well be introducing him to you via my YouTube videos at some later date.
But in the meantime he has very little income they have refused to pass on his details to his current clients. So I am reaching out to all my supporters to ask you to spread the word about this wonderful counsellor. Hes happy to conduct skype or telephone counselling with clients across Australia but you can see him in person if you live in Perth. Hes very knowledgeable about sexual issues, and has previously run many male sexuality workshops. I also find he is particularly good at helping young people gain confidence about relationships so hes helpful to individuals, not just couples.       
Please contact me for his details if you know would like to use his services or refer him on to someone you know.
Ill let you know how this whole ghastly business turns out. I must say I feel rather responsible for the plight he is in and would like to try to help him.
All the best, Tina

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Bettina Arndt Update March 2018
« on: April 05, 2018, 11:42:51 AM »