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Author Topic: Will #LGBTDomesticViolence Be [in] WA LGBTI Health Strategy?  (Read 894 times)   


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President's Paws by Nicola Stevenson, President, Tranz4mations AU.
[Sat 6 16 2018]


To complete the "WA LGBTI Health Strategy" Survey Online email or Telephone: 08 9222 0200

Dear #QAnon,
Will #GayMethCrisis #DomesticViolence #DrugsInPublicHousing #Stalking #IcePsychosis #HaltTheAIDSGravyTrain Be [in] WA #LGBTI #Health #Strategy?  :-* #Don'tUpsetSrMary-Jane

The common WA LGBTI Health Strategy should include a view to increase the use and add value to under utilised facilities such as the WA AIDS Council's [Under 25 Only] Freedom Center. #WAAC It is shameful that +25 Trans and Gender Diverse People who are often the most vulnerable to Domestic Violence and Stalking are discriminated against with no safe place to go for help. There needs to be an implementation of aged care facilities that cater to the needs of individuals from the LGBTI community. As well as a clinic to cater to trans and gender diverse needs in the grater Perth area along the lines of the Melbourne facility opened in 2015. And also inclusive of legislation protecting LGBTI individuals from violence.
It is sad to see such a poor turn out at the WA AIDS Council meeting this week when domestic violence is in the media spot light again. Tranz4mations sees this aspect of social interaction between individuals to be most prevalent amongst the trans community and broader LGBTI People and is concerned there is limited knowledge amongst the wider populace of the sad statistics and therefore no recognition of laws safeguarding gender diverse and the greater LGBTI people from death and harm. 
"Only 4 Australians and 1 New Zealander turned up to the WA AIDS Council for the HIV+ LGBTI portion of this WA ALP Government Spend". Said Mother Gretta from the Perth Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

So it seems that New Zealand was represented at the meeting with one person. So there was international representation at least. How many were Trans? It is noted from the table below that 70% of HIV positive people do not trust their local AIDS Council to represent them. Tranz4mations hopes addressing universal access to services and ensuring "adhered to duty of care" responsibilities are defined and included in the final strategy.

So it seems that the majority of HIV people would not notice if their AIDS Council closed down but that would not be of benefit to the greater LGBTI community if this was to happen? The statistics of domestic violence against trans and gender diverse can be seen here in the table below and would only increase if the council was to close, but it is essential it should be properly & transparently evaluated and re-structured to meet the Real lived Realities of ALL in the LGBT HIV+ Community.

Why Talking About Domestic Violence in the Transgender Community Matters

In 2012, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) released the Intimate Partner Violence in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ), and HIV-Affected Communities report. Among the key findings were that transgender people, people of color, gay men and people under 30 were groups that were most impacted by intimate partner violence.  The report found that transgender survivors were two (2.0) times as likely to face threats/intimidation within violent relationships, and nearly two (1.8) times more likely to experience harassment within violent relationships.

Transgender people face increased risk of violence because of their gender identity and transphobia within intimate partnerships, said Aaron Eckhardt, Training and Technical Assistance Director at Buckeye Reg Anti-Violence Organization (BRAVO) in Columbus.  "Additionally, because domestic violence is rooted in power, control, and in many situations, reinforcing gender norms within a relationship, transgender people because of their lack of gender conformity, are particularly vulnerable to abuse".

Please Read:

So not only homelesness but violence is seen to be major contributors to the early age mortality rate experienced by trans and gender diverse people. This is not a pretty picture and is a sign of a Community lacking both a co-ordinated safety net and even a basic comprehension of why killing Social Capital is a bad thing.

It's true that the first to help you up are the ones who know how it feels to fall down.

To complete the "WA LGBTI Health Strategy" Survey Online email or Telephone: 08 9222 0200
Nicola Stevenson,
Tranz4mations AU

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Definition of Hats aka "Conflict of Interest" Statement: Mary-Jane is Editor of Perth Gay News, The Media Annuncio of the Perth Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence of the Abbey of the Black Swan & Editor @ HIV Institute of WA.

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