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Author Topic: Itís time alright! We need Visions not Headline Acts. - 3/3/2015  (Read 2229 times)   


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After to listening to an excellent talk by Calpernia Sarah Addams about building bridges, it seems my life has been all about bridges - in various states of repair.

From trying to build bridges with the Catholic Church pre the Popeís bombshell against trans people, to trying to build bridges between certain individuals and communities, to being told I was using Facebook the wrong way, by someone whose own usage gives meaning to the term hatebook, to trying to build bridges between my mind and my body.

I seem to have built enough bridges in my mind, so that I can almost believe the world is connected and unified and all is well in the WA Trans community. I Wish!

Unfortunately all is not well in our community, it is very sick. It is very un-inclusive in its approach and appearance. With certain individuals trying to jockey for power and status at the expense of people and feelings.

People have told me to walk away from all of this and to live my own life, but I canít walk away, otherwise the bullies would win. Just as I canít walk away from the fact Iíve been trans all my life. As much as walking away from something that might help others understand.

What will happen on the 18th of this month when WA Pride votes on itís new rules of governance? Absolutely nothing?  Will it be the  status quo, business as usual? But wait there is light at the end of the tunnel, lottery west has given PRIDE WA a grant.

How will this be used?  I suspect if recent history is anything to go by it will be for more un-inclusiveness. We need better leadership and We need grass roots inclusion and a different perspective.

A perspective that includes not just wealthy white people with a white picket fence view of the Community - We need to include the perspective of homelessness, prevention of bigotry, in all itís form, and suicide. Pride WA also needs to urgently notice the absence of the Sister Girls & Brother Boys and do something to ensure they feel safe enough to return to participate. What about something other than a white face on the Pride WA Committee of Management - is there a rule that says only white people need apply?

If Pride WA is serious about diversity, then after 30 years of Pride Paradeís is it not time for an Indigenous theme? Can not the Rainbow Serpent be adapted to suit a LGBTIQ ďaudienceĒ? And is it too much to ask Pride WA: Is there any money left over from the grant that might be used to provide the Sister Girls and Brother Boys with a free float and free entry to the parade and parties to welcome them back?

Itís 2015, Itís time alright! We need Visions not Headline Acts.

Nicola Stevenson
President, Tranz4mations

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