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Author Topic: Recognizing #Hypnotic Patterns in #MSM  (Read 377 times)   


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Recognizing #Hypnotic Patterns in #MSM
« on: September 06, 2018, 05:31:30 PM »
Recognizing #Hypnotic Patterns in #MSM

Posted byu/FractalizingIron
lvl 2 Clearance: Wizard
20 days ago
Dark to Light

#Omarosa Interview hypnotic script - Recognizing hypnotic patterns in #MSM Cabal speak (Hat tip to #SB2)

Q:1682 Those awake see. Those asleep blind. #FakeNews
[prop arm of D/DS] failing. Panic.

This post was inspired by SB2’s recent post [Trump, Omarosa and 322] (

Thanks to u/SerialBrain2 for a very interesting post. As I read the post and then listened to the interview with Omarosa, I recognized an example of the kind of hypnotic subconscious targeting used by the Cabal, as per my description when commenting to SB2’s previous post.

My comment to SB2's #Greenpeace #paraglider post

I’d like to share a breakdown, as I see it, of what’s going on in this interview as an example of subtle subconscious manipulation and hypnotic techniques used by #Cabal actors.

The interview section SB2 highlights in his post contains two different message mediums: a visual one which does the prep work (facilitated by the anchor), and the main verbal script, delivered by the interviewee. The main verbal script uses a sandwich structure ( a ‘bookends’ structure) to embed the primary ‘suggestion’.

From a hypnosis viewpoint, the suggestion is the message or ‘truth’ that the facilitator want the target to accept in the unconscious. Once it is in the unconscious, it goes about affecting the conscious waking mind silently, unobserved. Hypnotic suggestion works because our minds are created to delegate certain ongoing, essential functions to the subconscious instead of managing them in the conscious mind.

By analogy, we could describe the suggestion as a thought virus embedded into the system of the mind which, when active, obtains a particular outcome or effect. Note that hypnotic suggestion works and itself is neutral. It uses natural and critical processes. For this reason, hypnotic suggestion can be used either for good or evil; whether it is good or evil depends on the purpose it is being used for. The purpose also tends to impact the method.

So let's go into the semi-hypnotic subtext (script using symbolism, language to trigger the subconscious) of the interview.

First, the visual embed.

[You can see the text here] (

The text uses a basic NLP-type hypnotic formula to embed a suggestion:

(Build rapport +) elicit emotional state >> deliver suggestion (the drop) >> project future outcome (anchor, future trigger)

::)"I'd been so afraid of hearing the specifics from someone who'd been in that room.”

Fear is a highly powerful emotional state, often used by evil to manipulate us. Courage is being exposed to fear, but not being controlled by it. (i.e. being master over one’s emotions, rather than letting one’s emotions be master of one’s self).

Triggering ‘fear’ is a way to instantly put the susceptible or unaware listener into a state of instant rapport with the subject matter. Once the emotionally heightened state has been triggered, you drop in the suggestion, the message, intended for the subconscious.

 :)“Hearing the truth freed me from that fear. P.322”

And here’s the message: {Yes, accept the truth, the narrative, and you will be liberated from (that) fear}” :-*

It’s important to realize that fear is at the basis of a lot of population manipulation channeled through the legacy media and ‘artwork’ (films). Layer upon layer, fear is layered in. This is why radical liberals are so crazy. They are being fed a constant diet of fear.

In and of itself, this very small suggestion in the visual text of the book would not have much impact. But when such suggestions are layered in again and again and again, eventually they become very powerful.

Notice also here behavioral manipulation 101 (c.f. Pavlov’s dog). You create the problem (the fear), then you promise to release the target from that problem (fear). You are now an instant savior, opening the mind, heart and emotional state of the target to the victimizer, the facilitator. This is how a lot of emotional and physical abuse works. Again, layered over time, it’s extremely powerful.

By the way, although I’m not particular trained in the symbolism and role of the occult symbols, SB2’s post is enough to suggest to me that there is an added subliminal message here in the form of the projected outcome / anchor:

 :-*“Hearing the truth freed me from that fear. P.322”

I.e. {Skull and crossbones = eliminates, removes your fear}. In other words, {come home to Mommy; I’ll keep you safe (while holding a threat over your head)}. The reassurance is, of course, a lie, but it is definitely what the Cabal wants the sheep-like masses to believe. Weaken someone to the point of dependency, then promise to take care of them and resolve the problem. (Cf. Orwell’s 1984, big brother, and the final conclusion of the book). Classic manipulation.

Now, I’m not sure about common media practices, but it seems to me that there is no real necessity for them to show the page number (322), in BOLD no less. Suggestion? Anchor? I’m inclined to think yes.

Conclusion: this visual message, delivered by the trustworthy and reliable News Anchor, is the prep work. It shadows the main message delivered by the interviewee, which now follows.

The Sandwich

Listen to what she says directly after being queried “Did you hear the tape, or ...”:

Interview Response 2:55 ~ 3:57

First Slice of Sandwich

Firstly, she repeats the formula. The emotional connection is elicited using the ‘journey’ narrative, thus creating a projected correspondence between her on the one hand and the listener on the other:

.....I describe this long journey of hearing these rumors over and over again (The same journey the mainstream targets have been on over months and now years) and when I had an opportunity to meet up with 3 different sources, they describe the same exact statements.

She describes a journey, hearing rumors over and over again, describing the experience of the mainstream targets, those who are ‘worried’ about Trump. This creates an instant rapport by confirming “This woman is just like me. I’ve been hearing these rumors over and over again.” And sets up a suggested correspondence between the facilitator (Omarosa) and the target (me) in the mind of the target. A sympathetic and projected emotional state is set up.

Then the suggestion is dropped: 3 different sources.

We know that 3 is the magic number of definition. “Three times the charm”. A tripod has 3 legs. The suggestion of 3 different sources is made to set up the idea of confirmation. The suggestion: {When you hear this from 3 different sources, you’ll know it’s true}.

Emotional rapport (my long journey of hearing rumors) + suggestion (3 different sources) = First slice of the sandwich (the opening bookend).

The Filler

The basic formula of emotional state and suggestion having been set up, there are then a lot of confirmations (reinforcements) are dropped into the script, all meant to bolster the message:

“I hear his voice” – Note, she does not say “I heard him saying”. Why?

There are two elements here:

One, use of present tense. When using hypnosis to elicit a trance state, one often uses present tense to describe a past or future situation. This puts the listener in that space, and helps to elicit an emotional response rather than an intellectual or rational response, which a reasoned fact about the past would do.

Two, use of sensory input. When you bring all sorts of sensory experiences to mind in a target, the target is transported to that space, that experience. They are immersed in it, making it more real, like the normal, waking life of the conscious. The suggestion to the subconscious is: (this is real).

Thus, “I hear his voice” generates a sensory and emotional response in the mind rather than an intellectual one. Sensory responses are what activate the emotions. Filler one: increased emotional rapport, experiencing her narrative like its real.

“I know it exists” – Again, the pattern is repeated: establish a rapport, a projection with the listeners so that are immersed in a suggestion the subconscious takes as a reality.

You may notice the second statement repeats the structure of the previous one:

Present tense experience I hear: I know + sensory input/idea his voice: it exists~~~~.

This pattern reinforces the overall hypnotic suggestion, and the targets are being guided to see themselves as the woman and directly associate her ‘experience’ with their own. “I know it exists”.

Note that there is no proof here at all. The whole interview talks about something they don’t even have. They may be prepping for a later release of a doctored tape, or simply working to entrance the listeners to accept the suggestion as fact. In any case the speaker aka the model for the targets, “knows it as a fact”.

Next comes a double feint. To reinforce the rapport and projection she is building with the listeners, she sets up a contrasting suggestion. She sets up possible manipulators as something she doesn’t want to be a part of. “The thing I regret is.... I don’t want to be a part of that”.

The suggestion is clear: {Yes, just like me, you don’t want to be a part of political manipulation. I’m sincere, just like you. You can trust me, because I’m just like you. We are good people.} Rapport, correspondence in the subconscious mind of the target.

Second slice of the sandwich

The second slice, aka the closing bookend at the end of the script, repeats elements of the basic formula.

‘The journey’ (to elicit rapport and correlation) “I heard for two years it existed” then the emotional experience (to heighten connection, open the subconscious to a suggestion) “It was confirmed, what I feared the most”. Then the drop, aka the suggestion to be imbedded and activated in the subconscious: “Donald Trump is a con, and has been masquerading as someone who is open to engaging with diverse communities.... it confirmed that he is truly a racist”.

The outcome is right there are the end. “it confirmed that he is truly a racist”. This is the key primary suggestion/message. It is the reason all the work, the layering and manipulation of the subconscious, is done. It becomes both the focus, and the anchor, and a trigger for future.

[Omarosa hypnotic script] (

Notes: Triggers, Cabal narrative

ONE: With hypnosis & NLP, once the trigger anchor has been layered in successfully, initiating that trigger will immediately bring the target subject back to the original emotional state that has been layered in. It becomes a short cut, so the entire process is not required again. When the trigger is set off, the subject immediately thinks and feels all those things that they have been programmed to think and feel.

We see the amazing results of this kind of continuous hypnotic manipulation on entire segments of the population. Hence the emergence of the expression ‘triggered’. Yes, this is how hypnosis works. We are not actually oblivious to what is going on. We are simply trained to accept a certain perspective – the suggested one – as being more real than what we actually know. We’ve been guided, and encouraged, to accept it, which at some point we do, if we are susceptible.

By itself, a script like the one above would be ineffective. But layered time over time over time, it becomes quite powerful.

The ridiculously violent and completely hypocritical responses we see coming from the left so frequently nowadays are a result of this hypnotic layering being done over and over again through Cabal legacy media and also ‘entertainment’ (Hollywood, etc.). They want to bring this to a level where the controlled subjects will react and run out that pre-programmed behavior when given the necessary trigger. It’s essentially MK Ultra-lite.

TWO: It’s worth noting that what POTUS is being accused of by this woman (Donald Trump is a con, and has been masquerading as someone who is open to engaging with diverse communities.... it confirmed that he is truly a racist), is actually what the Cabal and their minions themselves are doing. They are the con, they are masquerading, they pretend to be open, and they are truly racist (Racist in the sense that they care not for any individual’s inherent value, but only what external trappings – race, sex, ethnicity, etc - can be used to manipulate them – they actually hate all people, not just different ‘races’.)

Whether we recognize all the underlying elements of Cabal-speak vs. Honest-speak (DJT), we do recognize the vibration and the sound. We recognize truth when we hear it. Our unconscious minds recognize, for a change, “I am NOT being manipulated here”, and we feel pretty darn good about that.

This is also why the Cabal and their minions are so determined to get people to think Q is a LARP and Trump is a lying, misogynistic criminal. Because by his very existence and action, Trump wakes the populations up to the truth.

Q: Dark to LIGHT

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Arriving From There | r/TGA: 20 r/GA: 105 QC
22 points ·
20 days ago


I've studied NLP, hypnosis, and trauma-based mind control for a number of years (unfortunately on the receiving end a few times). And I'm in complete agreement with your analysis.

Saving it to my archive.
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lvl 2 Clearance: Wizard
11 points ·
20 days ago

Thanks Carl. Nice to get confirmations.
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r/TGA: 0 comments | Arriving From There | r/GA
2 points ·
8 days ago

THANK YOU! Your post is why I love this forum for NEWS and sharing of perspectives. Your contribution is so valuable to our understanding of how We have been manipulated.

“It’s not complicated” when one truly understands a principle. You just laid out in simple language a principle that any lay person could understand. Master degrees and Phd’s have been earned on this topic.

Thank you for sharing. It is truly a privilege !

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Recognizing #Hypnotic Patterns in #MSM
« on: September 06, 2018, 05:31:30 PM »