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Author Topic: "Ur not really trans" is like Saying "Go Kill Yourself"  (Read 4695 times)   


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"Ur not really trans" is like Saying "Go Kill Yourself"
« on: July 08, 2018, 05:32:37 PM »
President's Paws "Ur not really trans" is like Saying "Go Kill Yourself" 7 July 2018


A guide from the Dark Side aka "Gay & Lesbian" "Community"

The recent big news that no one is focused on is that the World Health Organization on June 18 of this year re categorized people who identify as transgender from a mental heath illness to a sexual health illness. You can see how distressing  this is to some from the quote below.

I am not fond of being classified under the same broad category as Male erectile dysfunction, sadism and pedophilia or someone whose sexual pattern place myself or others at risk for HIV “and/or other STIs.” However, our opposition will love it.

It seems that this statement puts transgender people in the same category as sexual perverts and Tranz4mations would rather see it as a mental health condition where at least trans people could claim the disability support pension for the condition, if they found employment is not an option. Of course we know that the two options are not true and gender and sexuality are completely two different things and a person's sense of identity should be respected and not questioned.

It's much better to steer the ship in the right direction rather than have enemies run us around the Court, as in the recent equal Marriage  debate where the Margaret Court Arena [We Love Margaret] was the target because she stated she was in the no camp and the yes camp wanted the arena to drop the name as punishment for free speech. And of course the media focus was on this debate, even after the campaign ended, rather than the real reasons for having equal marriage.

The recent history of trans4mations over the past 3 years has been focused on providing an information hub and we know from the information obtained that the long history of personal transition is filled with with taboos and traumas, be it loss of friends, loved ones or jobs. As one gets older our bodies find it harder for our bodies to keep up with the demands of our thoughts which is why professional support services are essential for mature age transitioners.

One of the hardest things to overcome is the bullying behaviours of so called support networks in the LGBTIQ+ communities. There is a need for people to fit in to gatekeeper's narrow minded and selectively applied frameworks and cult like groups which hide information and agendas or face ostracisation within Trans Community Groups is at best unhelpful and can lead to more isolation and sometimes is the direct cause of death from suicide. Another taboo we're not supposed to talk about!   

The statement of "you're not really trans" remains one of the nastiest judgements still being bandied about by unqualified vipers whose #FakeNews approach leads some to try to pose as psychological experts to mask their recklessly malicious intent. The unreasonable demand that we all need to name & justify our gender identity at the drop of a hat to feed gossips is a slap in the face to privacy and confidentiality which gets thrown out of the window. 

If a spade is a spade, given what we ALL know about triggers for suicide, then what they really mean when they say "you're not really trans" is "Go Kill yourself".

Likewise, spreading nasty lies dressed in the tacky drag of "a concerned community member" including the outing of HIV status of anyone without consent can be the equal to "Go Kill yourself". When employed health professionals do this "duty of care" is the baby in the bath negligently thrown out the window?
Duty of Care is "a requirement that a person act toward others and the public with watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the circumstances would. If a person's actions do not meet this standard of care, then the acts are considered negligent, and any damages resulting may be claimed in a lawsuit for negligence". From:

In group nasty personal attacks & spreading of false rumours by local internet trolls in groups online is why Tranz4mations AU was forced to take the decision to moderate every item posted when we started our Facebook Group. Some people just can't stop picking nasty fights and Tranz4mations makes sure we limit the damage of these petty drama queens on our Facebook Page and in our group. We try to get to approve all posts as quickly as we can and apologise if we've missed seeing some in the past. Unlike other short sighted social media groups where one upmanship in threads and posts has lead to members leaving the group. Some being professional's providing a free consultation service to the groups members.

Tranz4mations takes very seriously our commitment to providing an inclusive space to share properly researched and fact checked links to educational and support materials collated on this website, which I see is developing into what Operations Director, Mary-Jane, tells me is called a "research hub". We do include some articles, with Editor's Notes. we disagree with because it's important to know the real enemy, such as the Feminists who name trans women as men and want all men to die.

ALL groups need to take duty of care seriously. It's not just being PC but sneaky attacks and hidden censorship should not happen in public spaces. The internet and Social Media Groups are public spaces and as well as personal plus if you are rich enough to go to court you can there are legal consequences for publishing slander. If we are a Community, then don't you think avoiding slanderous lies or anything able to be read by a vulnerable person as "go kill yourself" should be a matter of self control, self regulation and respect?

I think that a new Category in the Identity politician's "List of Genders" needs to be "medically unable to transition". Some examples are  Physical abnormalities or health conditions that prevent gender affirming surgery. Or other endocrinology (HRT) conditions. In the last 3 years I have seen an lot of judging/gossip about other people's status as Pre Op, Post Op, No Op or Medically unable to transition based on other people's uninformed opinions. If you don't know someone or have access to doctor records how can you say anything of facts?

Pre op, post op, no op are terms that define the transgender condition and dictate what tribe a trans person fits in pre surgery or post surgery (SRS).The trans person that decides to go down the no surgery road because they are medically unable to transition or other factors comes across what is known as post op privilege that seem to be the guiding force in the local and interstate community's. The well meaning leaders can at times be judgemental over the pre op,or no op and has lead to heated debates in social media leading at times to threats of groups closing the social media sites down. It is important to note here too that getting the trans community to work together is like herding cats.

This culture needs to be fixed. If people would speak up and say stop gossiping, that's not your business or stop repeating lies/gossip then the trans community would be safer. In our Facebook group Mary-Jane or Rebecca are very quick to delete nasty posts. I think this is better than allowing public fighting to make the community look bad.

Telling a person who is "medically unable to transition" they are not really trans is like saying "Go kill yourself. Remember the person who threw herself under a train? Turns out She couldn't find out how to get HRT and felt the trans "community" wouldn't be "friendly" because she looked like a man. How many of us older people can look as good as we want?

Why Does support or social status only get given to people who pass or attempt to adhere to traditional binary ways of appearance? This Gatekeeper culture or the Spanish Inquisition makes not passing a real fear of failure. Hiding Knowledge or deliberate not sharing of places to go for help is one more reason why suicide prevention services for mature age gender diverse people need to be delivered by qualified in "regulated" agencies staffed by unbiased health workers.

We know also that choices to transition or to Not transitioning may include medical reasons or financial, or just that the person may need more time to adjust. People join groups for support but before they sit down the demand to identify ourselves is made. Don't answer quick enough or say the wrong thing and your out. Instant trust is not real and over sharing is not good. Privacy means not having to tell everyone your business, especially when you're unsure and stressed by life.

There are certain groups that fast track the surgery's overseas bypassing the so called gatekeeping that is in place to prevent remorse post op in Australia. But is this always good. Three months pre op to post op can lead to false flags being raised that everything will be fine once a person undergoes surgery. Complex needs such as De-transitioning must be managed by qualified health professionals. Sometimes celebrity and high profile role models lead to false expectations and an illusion of ease that pressures people to rush their journey to fit in.

I have been thinking about Transitioning and the taboo of DE-transitioning , reasons are varied and mostly personal. Many don't like talking or don't have the words which can be scary. We need to care more and let people take their own time and not shame people for having a start, stop, go back, start journey. I think it's much harder for older trans people who have bigger body issues to transition yet it is strange that the group with most need has less help. Is this WA saying "Go kill yourself?" 

The need for the freedom center to expand its services to over 26 year old people is great and can not be stated enough because the duplication of services argument means no-one else can get funding for a mature age drop in center. It is a sad fact that a centralized professional service along the lines of the gender center (Melbourne) could operate out of the same doors, and help many. Sourcing services for trans and gender diverse are by word of mouth and a hit and miss approach at best to find doctors, endocrinologists, etc in Western Australia. And this must be included in the new WA lgbtiq+ Heath Strategy.

It's a shame some of us don't take the time to read some of the research before we join the Trans Inquisition and start to publicly crucify people who don't agree with our own opinion of rightness of identity and expression. It should be OK to have different views and just because you disagree with someone doesn't mean you have the right to type abuse online. If you want respect then give some and you might get some too.

Tranz4mations believes psychological interventions are best carried out by qualified professionals not by inexperienced but well meaning volunteer leaders of support groups. Support Groups are excellent for peer support and socialization but Complex medical and Psychological needs, not so much.

In conclusion there can be no doubt that the lived experience of the gender diverse or trans person can be impacted on greatly by well meaning members of the community in a positive/negative way, but a professional approach at a one stop central location is something that a LGBT heath strategy must address.The Freedom center seems to be a logical choice in extending the service to the marginalized over 26 year olds that do not have the support of a well informed medical service/ miscellaneous services catering to the specific needs of these individuals. There is still a large number of people that fly under the radar as seen in the UK LGBT 2018 survey.

"Nineteen percent of respondents with a job in the preceding 12 months had not been open about their sexual orientation or gender identity with any of their colleagues at the same or a lower level". From:

So a discrete professional service that is not duplicated elsewhere seems to be the answer,and this should alleviate the isolation and disconnection that is felt by this group.

Nicola Stevenson
Tranz4mations AU

Transgender People and Suicide: The Tragedy, and the Hope
Transgender youth and adults have far higher rates of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts than the average person. Consider these research findings: The suicide rate among transgender adults in an international study was almost 800 per 100,000.

Letters For My Sisters: Transitional Wisdom In Retrospect
Letters For My Sisters: Transitional Wisdom In Retrospect is a groundbreaking anthology from Transgress Press that features intimate letters written by 35 trans women to their past selves or other trans women. The letters include advice, reassurances, warnings and wisdom, resulting in a collection of revealing stories of childhood, transitioning, and becoming women.
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"Ur not really trans" is like Saying "Go Kill Yourself"
« on: July 08, 2018, 05:32:37 PM »