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Author Topic: Get Trans Women out of Mens Prisons!  (Read 264 times)   


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Get Trans Women out of Mens Prisons!
« on: October 26, 2018, 11:09:10 AM »
Get Trans Women out of Male Prisons!

In the Tweet sent out below, was @ScottMorrisonMP including the many trans women and trans men that today are in the "wrong" prisons because of non-progressive stuck in the past ideas and erroneous religious views of federal & state based policy makers. Don't Forget these same people will no doubt spend this Christmas segregated and alone in some isolated cell. 


Today I gave each of my Ministers a lapel pin with the Australian flag on it. I’ve been wearing this for many years now. The reason I wear it is because it reminds me every single day whose side I’m on. I’m on the side of the Australian people. Scott Morrison (@ScottMorrisonMP)  August 28, 2018

The Research & Statistics speak for themselves.

Facilities still house inmates based on their genitalia or birth gender, resulting in many transgender women being abused or raped during their sentence. The absence of #MeToo voices here is deafening and begs the question "Should #feminists be labeling policy makers rape enablers" or "Do TERFS think Trans People deserve to be raped?"

Forced sterilization before being able to be imprisoned in a woman's prison in WA. This cannot be anything but a breach of human rights and amounts to being given a lifetime sentence. The choice of a trans-person that identifies as a female or male should not include having to undergo physical transition to be allowed to be imprisoned with the sex they identify with, and without having to be forced to go through a decision that effects the rest of their lives and prevents them from having children in the future.

"International research identifies transgender people as a particularly vulnerable group in the prison system, with their most basic needs often being denied to them (Grant et al. 2011, 158). Transgender prisoners experience higher rates of sexual assault and rape (Broadus 2008-9; Jenness et al. 2007). Yet, there is little empirical Australian research (Simpson et al., 2013). Drawing on a conceptual framework of cisnormativity, this article examines existing research about these policies, procedures, and practices regarding the treatment of transgender people in prisons and argues that carceral settings both pathologise and criminalise transgender inmates through incarceration practices that aim to address and reduce their vulnerability. We additionally demonstrate this argument through analysis of policies regarding the treatment of transgender prisoners. By examining how cisnormativity affects transgender prisoners, this briefing paper seeks to move beyond strategies that respond to vulnerability and towards approaches that prevent its replication".

These quotes highlight the fact that trans people are at higher risk of being marginalized and their safety is put at risk if they are not housed in an institution with the sex they identify with.

"In Western Australia, the system suffers from a lack of clear, concrete policy — and as such, it appears to be quite common for trans women to be placed in men’s prisons. Like in the UK, whether or not a trans person is placed in a prison of their identified gender seems dependent on whether they have changed their legal sex on their birth certificate. In WA, this means having undergone a “reassignment procedure” such as genital reassignment surgery — again, an extremely costly, lengthy and potentially unviable process."

In the UK a transgender woman has gone on hunger strike inside an all-male prison and says she is prepared to die over the government’s refusal to accept her chosen gender.

In one of the most troublesome cases A transgender female sex worker has been sentenced to six years in jail in WA, based on what appears to be "He Said/She Said Evidence" in what will likely be a male prison in WA for infecting a client with HIV. It is desperately sad that a public silence exists in surrounding the injustice of this case and the proposed policy solutions.

Surely it's time that the tired old "fear of making the community look bad" excuse was retired along with the dead wood's agenda of "small groups are easier to control". It should be noted no discussion of trans women in Men's prisons should happen without talking about HIV which is why Tranz4mations is calling for the AIDS Community to speak up.

More concerning, it would appear that the Leaders of the Trans & HIV Communities would seem to prefer to act in the shadows without consultation with the communities they represent. This reinforces the stigma and discrimination that surrounds HIV that actually helps spread infections.

In the interest of transparency and accountability to consumers these "Peak Bodies" should release the reports and recommendations to the Community that are said to be being done. Back room deals made by small cliques in isolation do not serve the interests of the Community or do anything to help with public education or prevention.

Around the world, transgender women face routine abuse and sexual assault in correctional centers.  Now, one woman is bravely speaking out, revealing that she was raped more than 2,000 times in an Australian all-male prison

Again below is another example of the humiliation that trans people have to face in prison when their human rights are not recognised or respected.

Tranz4mations understands that Transfolk of WA ("Our NEW Peak Body?") are tackling this important issue, and will in due course come up with a solution to stop the Situation. While concentrating on suicides, which seems to be a pet subject of theirs it is understood while disregarding the symptoms of the cause, the cure might remain unmanageable.

In conclusion the number of trans people incarcerated in Australian prisons remains under researched, but as noted the distress of the trans incarcerated population can be seen from the little evidence obtained in the world wide research.

The stigma of HIV remains high in the trans community and effects many trans woman sex workers that are in prison. Worse many a time a trans woman with HIV has been deliberately miss gendered by the MSM (Main Stream Media) to highlight the fact that trans people are dangerous and should be hidden away from the public. 

Waving Flags might serve as shiny things to attract brainwashed normies & plantation dwellers but free range able to think for yourself is better! The flag and national anthem profess to be inclusive of all, but as the Prime Minister professes to be a nationalist with his flag badge is he really the globalist banker's friend with their unfair bail in laws? (

The true meaning is that under one flag there remains many hidden injustices to individuals that have not been addressed yet. Well may we sing Advance Australia Fair/unFair in the National Anthem but is fair/unfair the two sides of the same coin that constantly war with each other to become the dominant player in the so called unified Australia. 
"Get Trans Women out of Mens Prison" is a subject that remains hidden but this is the one proven taboo that must be erased and addressed with uniform legislation at a state and federal level. 

Nicola Stevenson
Trans4mations AU

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Get Trans Women out of Mens Prisons!
« on: October 26, 2018, 11:09:10 AM »